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Honey Bee Medicine

At-A-Glance Ingested microRNAs from multiple sources can confer immunity to certain diseases in honey bees. These immune-boosting miRNAs are passed to adults and larval bees through worker and royal jellies. Plant miRNAs responsible for leaf and flower development can also determine worker caste development when added to beebread. These highly …

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The Church’s Sickness Unto Death

In my last few essays (here, here, and here) I’ve been arguing that American Christianity, and evangelical Christianity particularly, thinks about the church in mostly instrumental ways. The church’s core identity is summed up in what it’s called to do, in most cases, one form of mission activity or another. …

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House passes emergency border funding, Trump threatens veto

Washington D.C., Jun 26, 2019 / 11:00 am (CNA).- The House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday night to provide emergency funding for the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.  The bill, HR 3401, provides $ 4.5 billion in emergency supplemental appropriations to address the humanitarian crisis at the border, and …

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Songwriter shares spirituality of Synod experience though music

A painter, a poet, and a musician. The third theological reflector of the UCC Milwaukee General Synod, Sandra Champion, creatively shared her perspective on the experience by composing two original musical compositions. Champion, Director of Music Programs and an Instructor in the Digital Sound Design program at Dakota State University, …

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