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Friendly, Caring, and Carrying Churches

We all want our churches to be loving environments. But what does that look like? How do we make that happen? As I see it, some churches work to be more friendly— and that’s good. Some move beyond being friendly and move to caring— and that’s better. But, I think …

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Your Brain Is Not a Computer

Human bodies married to metallic bodies—one complex system intertwining with another—happen with more frequency these days. Samsung revealed research this month on technology that would allow people with physical disabilities to control their TVs with their thoughts. Johnny Matheny became the first man to receive a robotically controlled arm earlier …

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Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

It’s that time of year again. Each year when late November starts rolling around, churchgoers everywhere can expect a sermon (or a series of sermons) on the same topic: giving thanks. I have one coming up this weekend at my church, Highpoint Church. Not only does Thanksgiving create an opportunity …

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This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful for Difficult People

In the fall of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued two landmark statements. You probably know about the first—the famous Gettysburg Address, in which Lincoln commemorated the battlefield of Gettysburg. At Gettysburg, Lincoln called the nation to remember the sacrifice of the fallen and to redouble its commitment to the cause …

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The Gift of Seeing

Some years ago, pastors Stuart and Jill Briscoe were visiting our World Relief staff in Cambodia. Their trip included visits with vulnerable Cambodian women for whom World Relief’s ministry was an oasis of hope. At one point, Jill rather abruptly turned her attention from the women to the scores of …

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Power in the Plate

I sat in silence at a corner table of the bustling Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The spread before me was vibrant: a bright and creamy saag paneer, chicken curry spiced as one might find in the Kerala region of India, and stewed chickpeas prepared according to …

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