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Ahead of 2019, Bulgaria Rejects Severe Church Restrictions

Since October, Bulgarian evangelicals have protested proposed legislation that would hinder preaching, evangelizing, funding, and training by non-Orthodox minority faiths with weekly demonstrations and nationwide calls to prayer. Last Friday, its last working day of 2018, the country’s parliament finally passed the new law, without the restrictions Protestants had feared …

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If You Give a Tsunami Survivor a Crayon

In a church in the bayside city of Palu, Indonesia, volunteers smile wide as they lead dozens of children in sing-alongs with hand motions. They pass around coloring pages with packs of crayons and colored pencils. The group sits cross-legged on the white tile floor, hands folded in their laps, …

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Seeking the Peace of Christ this Christmastime

When you think of peace, perhaps you think of somewhere quiet and calm, far from noise and distraction. Perhaps you imagine time with loved ones and close friends. For me, peace is being with my family. Having everyone in the house at Christmas time is a time of joy and …

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Keep the X in X-Mas

Though the demand for “more Christ in Christmas” seems to be losing momentum, most evangelicals still believe the holiday—and its seasonal greetings—should more explicitly reference the Savior. Overall, the number of Americans who say Christmas should be more about Jesus has dropped from 79 percent in 2014 to 65 percent …

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A Carol for the Despairing

The word apocalypse in the Greek means “uncovering,” and 2018 has been a year of uncoverings, of pulling back the curtain to reveal the worst things that people can do to one another. It has uncovered abuse and corruption at every level—spilled blood, separated families, failure of justice after failure …

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Melancholy Angels

In my years of writing, I’ve not paid much attention to angels. I’ve never knowingly encountered one—knowingly, I say, for how could I tell for certain? Supernatural go-betweens, angels operate in the invisible world, rarely revealing themselves to those of us who occupy the material world. I think of angels …

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