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Marriage Decreases Likelihood of Dementia

Shortly after he created Adam, God pronounced that it was not good for man to be alone. This was in a perfect world, with no sin, death, or sorrow—but even in that setting, the created-perfect Adam needed someone comparable to and fit for him.1 While not specifically stated in this …

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Death, the Enemy: A Child and a Dead Opossum

A few years ago, my son came across a rotting opossum carcass on a hiking trail. He passionately recounted the experience to us later that day: “It was really gross! Its eyeballs were gone, and I could see bugs crawling inside it, and it smelled awful. It was so sad!” …

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Natural Selection in Guppies

Guppies are among the most well-known of aquarium fishes. They come in a vast array of patterns and colors and are wildly popular among dedicated aquarists thanks to their colors and the ease of breeding them. However, because of where they are found in the wild, guppies have been extensively …

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Watch Ken Ham Debate Jeff Zweerink of Reasons to Believe

Is It Just a Difference of Interpretation? I encourage you to watch the debate (embedded above). What stood out to me was the obvious difference in our choice of authorities. Throughout the debate, Jeff kept appealing to certain Hebrew scholars and differences throughout history on how to interpret Genesis chapter …

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Want to Teach Your Children About Jesus? China Says “No”

Chinese Christians can’t legally host Sunday school classes, bring their children to church, or teach their own children their Christian faith. Teachers can’t share their faith, and religious materials can’t be used as textbooks. Those who break the law can face fines or other consequences. While this should sadden us …

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Is There Hope for This Planet?

Well, the planet is doomed! Now, we can’t ultimately fix the planet, despite all the rhetoric from politicians. Many of them seem fixated on trying to save the planet from what they believe is supposedly happening regarding climate and other factors. But there’s no hope for this planet as it …

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Were Dragons Real?

A Dodo of an Introduction The dodo was a strange bird, and our understanding of its demise and extinction by 1662 is equally strange. The dodo was a flightless bird that lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It was easy to catch and provided meat to …

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