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Do Christmas Trees Have Pagan Roots?

Perhaps you remember hearing or singing this song, originally written in German as O Tannenbaum and later translated into English? O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How steadfast are your branches! Your boughs are green in summer’s clime And through the snows of wintertime. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, …

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Are Creationists Trying to Stop “Sound Science Education”?

AU is really a group (just like the FFRF) that bullies those who don’t agree with them, trying to impose their anti-God religion of evolution on all students.</strong> They want every child to believe they’re just animals and that life is ultimately meaningless (the logical outcome of an evolutionary, atheistic …

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Pro-Life: Beyond Abortion

When I first saw him, he looked small and forlorn as he stood in the doorway of the orphanage office. His shaved head and mismatched clothing betrayed his orphaned status. He gripped the fingers of his caregiver and glanced tentatively at the others in the room. I was struck by …

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Underwater Christmas

This miniature underwater Christmas tree shows how wonderfully God blends the beautiful with the practical. You’ll find these festive decorations year-round on coral reefs all over the world. They’re actually the feeding and breathing organs of Spirobranchus giganteus, the Christmas tree worm. It’s all there in the name—Spirobranchus, or “spiral …

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Creating Order from Disorder?

Researchers from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) in Australia, have identified what they have termed “Structural Capacitance Elements” (abbreviated as SCEs hereafter) in mutated proteins that are associated with many different types of human diseases, often a range of cancers. These proteins are inherently “disordered,” having little definite structure. …

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Twitter Bans “Misgendering” and “Deadnaming”

“Misgendering” refers to when someone uses the “wrong” pronoun to describe a transgender person (i.e., calling a biological male who identifies as female “he”). “Deadnaming” refers to using a transgender person’s birth name (i.e. calling well-known athlete Bruce Jenner “Bruce” instead of his preferred “Caitlyn”). And it’s not only that—one …

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Refuting Dubious Claims Regarding Natural Selection

Keywords: natural selection, adaptation, speciation, causation, equivocation Introduction Before we address the specific issues, by way of overview, the errors in Guliuzza’s articles fall into four major categories: (1) Terminology. Guliuzza fails to define terms and use them consistently. It is an essential part of the scientific process to carefully …

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