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Honey Bee Medicine

At-A-Glance Ingested microRNAs from multiple sources can confer immunity to certain diseases in honey bees. These immune-boosting miRNAs are passed to adults and larval bees through worker and royal jellies. Plant miRNAs responsible for leaf and flower development can also determine worker caste development when added to beebread. These highly …

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Teen Vogue Tells Girls: “Sex Work is Real Work”

This article was published back in April, but was recently retweeted by Teen Vogue and is therefore back in the news. The article itself is rather explicit, describing the work sex workers engage in—certainly not something appropriate for the young audience this magazine is targeted towards! An “Affirming” Service? The …

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Major Expansions at the Ark Encounter as it Enters Year 4

Ken Ham, the CEO of AiG, the Ark Encounter, and the Ark’s sister attraction the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (which has just seen record attendance as well), said, “I’m very pleased to report that while most attractions see their best attendance in year one and then experience a drop-off, …

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Scrub Jays—The Ultimate Bird Brain

That pint of chocolate ice cream at the store was calling your name. So you take it home, and when no one is looking, you bury it in the freezer under the bags of peas and broccoli, hoping to eat it before someone else finds it. You think you’re clever, …

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Reflections on the Flat-Earth Movement

How Do We Know What We Know? Flat-earthers raise an excellent epistemological question: how do we know what shape is the earth? For three decades, I asked this very question of students in the first semester of my introductory astronomy class. The context of this question was the early history …

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Giraffes: Towering Testimonies to God’s Design

Life as a Giraffe Towering tall over the African savanna, the giraffe looks as if it belongs in the circus. It strolls on stilt-like legs, and its neck parades high in the sky. But the giraffe is no comic freak of nature. It displays divine design. Since the giraffe gives …

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“Brainless Fungi” Extraordinarily Complex

Plants and fungi trade resources in a mutually beneficial relationship. This is known as symbiosis. And it’s a complicated exchange, as this summary of a new study explains in New Scientist: But it turns out the fungi are savvy traders, taking advantage of their partners by shuttling goods to nutrient-starved …

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The Genesis of the “Brain-Eating” Amoeba

At a Glance Naegleria fowleri (Fig. 12) is a free-living microscopic ameba and causes a rare and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). (It is also known as Naegleriasis.) This ameba is commonly found in warm freshwater (e.g. lakes, rivers, and hot springs) and soil. Naegleria …

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A “Big Bang” to Believe In

I must admit, now and then I do commit the sin of coveting! It happened recently after the catastrophic fire at the Notre Dame in Paris which destroyed much of the cathedral’s art and artifacts inside. I found out that $ 1 billion has already been donated toward the $ …

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