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Why Are Wasps So Evil?

Who hasn’t had a picnic ruined by angry, stinging wasps coming out of nowhere, or fled in terror when stumbling across a hornet’s nest in a treehouse or toolshed? Their vicious stings have earned them a nasty reputation, but the evil of wasps goes much deeper. In the world of …

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Dinosaur Specimen Collected by Cincinnati Museum Center

According to the article, the dinosaur is most likely a Diplodocus, (or a closely-related sauropod), and there are only eight skulls of this dinosaur currently known, and most are from adults. This juvenile skull is approximately 10 inches (24 cm) long, making it the smallest such skull ever found. It …

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Living Evidence of a Global Catastrophe: How Microbial Biogeography Supports Noah’s Flood

Keywords: Noah’s Flood, microbial biogeography, microbial kind, Beijerinck, Streptomyces Introduction The primary evidence of a global catastrophe is Scripture. For the young earth creation researcher building a foundation for a creation model of biology, Scripture represents the Creator’s eyewitness account from which all physical evidence is interpreted. Genesis 7:11 commences …

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Ichthyosaur: Evidence of Design and the Flood

One of the earliest complete fossils discovered was Ichthyosaurus, discovered between 1809–1811 by a pair of children in England. While parts of other Ichthyosaurus skeletons had been discovered previously, the English find was the first complete specimen. Since then thousands of ichthyosaur skeletons have been discovered, including numerous complete specimens. …

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Our Daily Bread

But the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to the school district requesting its removal because they claim the sign violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The elementary school has a student population of over 400, and apparently one parent complained to FFRF of the sign. …

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Digging Up the Truth About Dinosaurs

Walk into just about any kindergarten classroom and ask the children, “When did dinosaurs live?” In nearly every case, they will respond, “Millions of years ago.” Regularly repeated in children’s books, television shows, and movies, this refrain of dinosaurs living millions of years ago has permeated our society so thoroughly …

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Rapidly Reproducing Killifish Defy Evolution

Introduction Killifish are common in the pet trade, and come in varying sizes and colors. They have increasingly become common as lab animals as well. Researchers use them to study aging in humans since they mature rapidly. Yet killifish have only rarely been addressed in major creationist literature and generally …

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