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Top Performing Movie on Abortion Dropped from Theaters

This film features the true story of the trial of an abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of unethical and dangerous practices in his abortion clinic—horrific practices that were ignored and covered up by politicians and the media. Of course, every abortionist has committed murder, even if they haven’t …

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Is Dark DNA Evolution’s Secret Weapon?

Quick Facts Evolution offers mutations as a mechanism for dramatic physical changes in both plants and animals. Some researchers suggest Dark DNA has undergone a high mutation rate, helping drive evolutionary universal common descent. Mutations have not been shown to account for the origin of new genes, regulatory systems, or …

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Death—a Defeated Enemy

To those without Christ, death is a scary reality. To those without Christ, death is a scary reality. We all know it’s coming; we just hope it’s a long way off. And what happens when we die? Many people believe nothing happens: we just die and that’s it. Others have …

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Cleaner Wrasses Demonstrate Providential Design

Quick Facts Cleaner wrasses exhibit symbiotic cleaning behavior with dozens of other fish, including large predators. The wrasses are crucial for the overall health of the reefs they live on. They are surprisingly altruistic in their choice of food, feeding on parasites rather than their preferred fish mucus. By demonstrating …

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Is Creation “Very Good” in the Face of Climate Change?

Dr. Astudillo whole-heartedly believes climate change is caused by humans and that it will be devastating to life on earth. Now, climate change is real. We can observe that climates change. But much of climate change science is driven by an erroneous interpretation of the past. You see, if you …

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Ken Ham—The Man Everyone Loves to Hate

You would be hard-pressed to find a more vilified modern Christian than Ken Ham. The founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis is regularly called names not fit to print simply because he insists the Bible is God’s Word and it means what it says. Day after day, nasty critiques …

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Is the Seventh Day 24-Hours Long?

There are many objections to the days of creation in Genesis 1 being 24-hour days, but perhaps one that many old-earth creationists believe to be their “silver bullet” argument concerns the seventh day of creation. Old Testament scholar and old-earth creationist C. John Collins argues that the lack of the …

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Movie Review: Indivisible

[Spoiler Alert: Though this review contains few, if any, spoilers, those who wish to have none may want to read this review after seeing the movie.] Catch Indivisible in movie theaters on October 26, 2018! Coming to theaters October 26, 2018, is the patriotic film, Indivisible. This film is based …

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Academics “Harassed” Over Transgender Research

The letter expresses the concerns these academics have about scientific freedom in research, particularly regarding the issue of gender. They claim members of their group have faced harassment and attempts to censor their research simply because others don’t agree with the results and conclusions of the research. Of course, such …

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