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American Atheists Jump on FFRF’s Anti-Christian Bandwagon

Earlier this week, the FFRF threatened public schools in an effort to bully them not to send public school classes to visit our two Christian facilities. Following suit, the American Atheists, another anti-Christian activist organization, has sent threatening letters to two parks and recreation departments “demanding that they cease promoting …

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Freedom from Religion Foundation—Against the Constitution!

To: Kentucky Public School Superintendents From: Nathan W. Kellum, Chief Counsel, Center for Religious Expression Re: Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Attack on the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter By way of introduction, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) is a non-profit public interest law firm that focuses on First Amendment …

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Tripod Fish: Denizens of the Deep Sea

One of the least–well-understood ecosystems in the world is the deep-sea floor. This is understandable. The deep sea can only be reached using robotic submersibles and larger submarine vehicles. This difficulty in reaching the habitat has been a significant barrier to the study of the deep-sea fauna. However, even with …

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Gay Barbie? Couple Pushes for “Diversity” in Doll Sets

Where Does “Diversity” Stop? This is just another attempt to normalize gay “marriage” and other sexual perversions. This is just another attempt to normalize gay “marriage” and other sexual perversions. Many of those in the LGBT community want to make it seem so normal—just another type of family or relationship—that …

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Experiment: Fast-Formed Fossils

Everyone knows that the fossils we find all over the world took millions of years to form—scientists proved that years ago, right? Actually, even secular geologists recognize that fossils form rapidly. If they didn’t, the organism would decay so quickly there would be almost nothing left to fossilize! Scientists constantly …

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Learning from the Temptation of Eve

Since temptation is something that Christians face and struggle against every day, it is necessary that we understand how it presents itself in our lives. We can gain much insight in the nature of temptation from the first temptation in Genesis 3:1–6, when the serpent comes to Eve in the …

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A World of Change: The Year in Review

The year of our Lord 2018 is gone, and 2019 is before us. To commemorate the ending of one year, and the beginning of the next, this article will highlight some of the important culture news items from 2018. These stories were all featured on Answers News, our twice-weekly news …

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