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Experiment: Fast-Formed Fossils

Everyone knows that the fossils we find all over the world took millions of years to form—scientists proved that years ago, right? Actually, even secular geologists recognize that fossils form rapidly. If they didn’t, the organism would decay so quickly there would be almost nothing left to fossilize! Scientists constantly …

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Learning from the Temptation of Eve

Since temptation is something that Christians face and struggle against every day, it is necessary that we understand how it presents itself in our lives. We can gain much insight in the nature of temptation from the first temptation in Genesis 3:1–6, when the serpent comes to Eve in the …

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A World of Change: The Year in Review

The year of our Lord 2018 is gone, and 2019 is before us. To commemorate the ending of one year, and the beginning of the next, this article will highlight some of the important culture news items from 2018. These stories were all featured on Answers News, our twice-weekly news …

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Do Diamonds Take Millions of Years to Form?

Well, the editorial mentions that labs now grow diamonds so, obviously, it does not necessarily take long ages to form a diamond. All it takes is the right conditions, which we can simulate in a lab and produce diamonds relatively quickly. The idea that diamonds take millions of years to …

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Top Biology News of 2018: Year in Review

2018 was a busy year for biology on a number of fronts. From a Nobel Prize for ‘evolution in action’ to scientists discovering that most species have a recent origin, biology was very busy on multiple fronts throughout the year. We covered many of these events on Answers News or …

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A Look Back On 2018 at Answers in Genesis

Here are just a few of the many exciting things that have happened this past year: Opening of the High-Tech 4D Special Effects Theater In August, we celebrated the opening of our high-tech 4D Special Effects Theater. Using special high-tech infrared 3D glasses seats that shake and even poke you, …

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Earth and Sky Science: The Year in Review

Digging Out the Archaeology News We kicked off our coverage of archaeological news with a late January article detailing that ancient peoples (post-Babel migrants) in Egypt, the Near East, and China made use of any meteoritic iron they found and fashioned it into weapons, tools, and jewelry. In February we …

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Trusting the Text

Why does my reference Bible have notes at the bottom of the page that say things like “Some manuscripts add . . .” or “some early manuscripts omit . . .”? This is not a minor issue. Headed by Bart Ehrman, a growing movement claims that we cannot be sure …

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