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Family Times and Family Tears

Anna’s empty apartment reverberated with laughter from the apartment next door and filled with enticing aromas that seeped under the hall door. Anna, tear-stained and angry, stood at her window looking down over the cars of the Smith’s numerous guests. Anna had been invited to go, but she could not …

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Truth Everyone Can See

With the passing of time, famous lines from church history frequently fall into oblivion. Do you have any idea who spoke the following words . . . and why? “I defy the pope and all his laws, and if God spares my life, I will make the boy that drives …

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Was Either Matthew or John Color Blind?

An alleged Bible contradiction is claimed for Matthew 27:281 and John 19:2. During the trial of Jesus, he is mentioned as either wearing a scarlet (Matthew) or a purple (John) robe. Some skeptics have even labelled this as the “color-blind” contradiction, but of course there are no true Bible contradictions, …

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Faked News

By now you may have read some fake headlines or watched TV coverage about the Ark Encounter today that reported something similar to this headline on the Washington Post’s website (based on an Associated Press item): “Lawsuit: Flood damage at Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky.” There has NOT been a …

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Speedy Horses Can’t Outrun Loss of Diversity

Horses have lost a lot of genetic diversity—much of it within the last two hundred years. In an attempt to discover the lineage of horses, over one hundred researchers have recently examined the genomes of over two hundred fossil horses and compared them to the genomes of modern horses. Their …

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Are Birds Evolving in Just Decades?

The popular article summarizing the research explains that non-native birds are replacing the now extinct species previously native to Hawaii. These birds have quickly filled the niches left open by the disappearance of previous species. When researchers compared birds that now live on the islands with museum specimens collected from …

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Helium Hydride: The First Molecule?

From time to time there are news stories of the latest findings in astronomy that are a bit sensationalized and hence are misrepresented. For instance, it seems that a couple of times a year there are reports of astronomers witnessing the birth of a star, as if the star weren’t …

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