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Tell a Fairy Tale Day: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

The world is full of great tales with lessons in character and morality. Little Red Riding Hood teaches children not to talk to strangers. Hansel and Gretel is a cautionary tale about taking food from strangers. The Three Pigs is a lesson in hard work. While parents should exercise caution …

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How Did King Saul Die?

Did the Amalekite Lie? The majority of commentators through the years have looked upon the account of the Amalekite in 2 Samuel 1 as being a lie told in the opportunistic hopes of gaining a reward from King David. After all, once you read both accounts, you are left with …

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Animal Polyploidy: A Mechanism for Evolution?

Introduction Note: This article is part of a series. For a definition of many of the technical terms in this article, see the article on plant polyploidy. Animal polyploidy does exist, though it appears to be far less common than it is in plants. As in plants, polyploidy arises as …

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