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The Evidence Is In: We’re Alone in the Universe

Are we alone in the universe? Are other beings like us out there? Nearly everyone has contemplated this question, including many serious scientists. But after spending billions of dollars and devoting whole careers to the search, scientists refuse to admit there is no evidence. The problem isn’t a lack of …

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Always Standing for the Truth

When I was 12 years old (55 years ago), I went to a fancy dress party (American translation: costume party) at the school in Australia where my father was the principal. I’ve never forgotten what I was dressed as—it is indelibly imprinted on my mind! I think you will laugh …

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10 Theses We Cannot Support

Christianity Today recently published an article titled “Ten Theses on Creation and Evolution That (Most) Evangelicals Can Support.”1 The writer, Todd Wilson, claims to believe in “evolutionary creation,” which means he believes God created everything through evolutionary processes over billions of years. In his introduction, Wilson aims to promote Christian …

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Did a “Taste for Fat” Make Us Human?

Apparently, for humans to develop and sustain their bigger brains, they needed adequate nutrition and fat is the answer. These researchers believe ape-like ancestors used rocks to smash the bones of large mammals left behind by predators. They then ate the nutrient-rich bone marrow, giving them the energy to evolve …

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1,000 Scientists Sign Up to Dissent from Darwin

Only 231 congregations were expected to participate, and most are extremely liberal theologically or not even Christian denominations (such as Unitarians). Some of the groups are even openly humanistic, so it’s no surprise they are celebrating evolution. Churches across the US and a few in Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Italy, …

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Where Are the Coming Generations Headed?

With the New Year’s celebrations and resolutions behind us, I’m sorry to have to do this—but I’m going to give you a most pessimistic outlook for 2019. Now, as discouraging as this is, I really want this letter to encourage our supporters like you who are behind the ministry of …

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Hidden Dangers of Christian Textbooks

It is no secret that evolutionary teaching and the religion of naturalism run rampant in public education. The idea that life has been evolving on earth for millions of years is taught as fact from the earliest ages. Kindergarteners are taught that dinosaurs never lived with man, and high school …

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Saturn’s Mysterious Rotation Rate

A recent news story reported on the latest measurement of Saturn’s rotation rate–10h 33m 38s, plus or minus a minute or two.1 This is significantly shorter than what is found in most astronomy textbooks. You may think: How could it be difficult to measure a planet’s rotation rate? All you …

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