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Impressive but Not Surprising Response to the Ark Encounter

Meanwhile, the Ark’s sister attraction, the 10-year-old Creation Museum 45 minutes away, just experienced its best year of attendance in its 10-year history. We are ecstatic not only with the great numbers, but also with the diversity of guests from all levels of society and all corners of the globe—guests …

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Encounter the Wonder!

What’s the most amazing, spectacular, greatest, and best wonder of our world? Well, there have been the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which include the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But it’s not any of them! Today, there’s the New Seven Wonders of the …

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We Now Grieve with a Texas Church

Two years ago I wrote about the horrible massacre committed by a racist inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church. Now another church massacre has happened, this time with even more death and carnage. Today we are praying for the families and friends of the 26 people killed and 20 wounded …

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Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Build the Ark?

Noah slapped his pen on the desk in frustration. “That won’t work either.” He buried his head in his hands and prayed. O God, help me. Stirred by his wife’s footsteps, he looked up to see her approaching. “What’s wrong?” Emzara asked. He sighed and raised his hands in frustration. …

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The Origin of Evolutionism: It Didn’t Begin with Darwin

Editor’s Note: First published in St. Louis MetroVoice 5, no. 5 (May 1995). Evolutionism is a belief system based upon the assumption that there is a purely materialistic explanation for the origin of virtually everything that ever has existed or ever will exist. The essential feature of this belief (often …

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Get the Facts: Hurricanes and Global Warming

At-a-Glance Climate change alarmists exaggerate the effects of hurricanes. Houston is especially prone to flooding. Hurricane Harvey was very slow moving. Observations show that global warming has been slight so far. The climate simulations are too sensitive for a doubling of carbon dioxide. We are stewards of the earth, but …

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Church Halts All Weddings Until Same-Sex Couples Can Marry

First United Methodist Church of Austin, Texas, recently announced they will no longer perform weddings until their denomination allows them to “marry” same-sex couples.1 They claim this decision, reached after a vote of “yes” by 93% of the voting church population, is an attempt to “treat weddings of opposite-sex and …

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Artificial Intelligence: Better Than Human?

I still remember the day as a 10-year-old boy that I got my first calculator—with memory. I’ve loved computers ever since, creating things using logic. The very first program I created allowed me to play baseball against the computer. While the interface was pretty simple, it helped me understand how …

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A New Reformation for a Post-Truth Church

A World Primed for Reform Much has changed over the five centuries since Luther’s bold stance on God’s Word. But the world of Luther is one that parallels our own in some ways. The late 15th and 16th centuries were characterized by massive changes: the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press …

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