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Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?

The whole subject of abortion1 produces very strong emotions on both sides of the argument. The two primary sides are: Pro-life: The pro-life position is that life begins at fertilization, and that all human life is precious and made in the image of God. Pro-choice (or more so “anti-life”): The …

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Wonder Jumpstart

In Genesis 2:19 God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would name them. But that was just the gateway into God’s global menagerie. As is the case with many groups of living creatures, frogs and toads (order Anura) are packed full of surprises waiting to be discovered …

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The Not-So-Nutty Habits of Squirrels

The squirrel family (Sciuridae) is quite extensive, including species such as chipmunks, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels (among them woodchucks and prairie dogs). Squirrels live on almost every continent in the world and come in many sizes and colors. Red and gray squirrels are common in the United States. Some …

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Proportionally Perfect for Life: O2, CO2, N2

At-a-Glance Oxygen is required by many organisms that use it primarily as an electron acceptor in the generation of energy. Too much oxygen can be just as detrimental as too little. Various factors in the environment and in the cell can lead to the production of dangerous oxygen free radicals, …

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The Groanings and Blessings of Age in Ministry

Well, I know I’m certainly getting older! And I’ve discovered at least two aspects to aging—groanings, but also blessings. There are times I find myself calling a medical doctor: my good friend and colleague, AiG speaker and author Dr. Tommy Mitchell. I will ask him (he’s an internist) why I’m …

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Seeing the Glory of God in Scallop Eyes

When the James Webb Space Telescope launches into orbit next year, it will use an array of mirrors to gather light from far away galaxies. Though this model was developed in the 1980s, scientists only recently discovered a similar design already in use in the eye of a humble sea …

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Grace Not Race Relations

In America, today is known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday that acknowledges the civil rights leader’s efforts to end racial segregation and secure civil rights for all Americans. Dr. King championed the cause of African-Americans and other minorities to have equality under the law. He was …

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“Doubting Evolution Is like Doubting Gravity”

Why does this argument fail? We’ll show you. Take a pencil or pen. Hold it in the air. Then drop it (and observe it as it falls) to the floor. That’s gravity. Next, make a single-celled organism—like an amoeba—turn into a goat. Too difficult? OK, let’s make it easy. Just …

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