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Cubs to Lions curriculum discipling Muslim-background believers

International (MNN) — Muslims all around the world are becoming disillusioned with Islam and converting to Christianity. In fact, the top three countries with the fastest growing evangelical Christian populations are Muslim-majority nations — Iran, Afghanistan, and The Gambia. Pierre Houssney, Executive Director of Horizons International, says these Muslim-background believers …

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Sri Lanka mourns Easter Sunday bombing victims

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Two days ago on April 21 – Easter Sunday – suicide bombers triggered nearly-simultaneous attacks in six heavily-populated locations. Associated Press lists the locations here. Today, Sri Lankans unite in a national day of mourning to recognize more than 290 bombing victims. Many Christians lost their …

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Education for missionary kids

International (MNN) – Education is about preparing the next generation for the future. It builds and forms leaders who will guide others. For kids in the mission field, it’s just the same. They need quality education to form them so they can be prepared to lead and build up others. …

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Indonesia’s elections point to religious intolerance

Indonesia (MNN) – Last Wednesday Indonesia re-elected President Joko Widodo. But with this most recent election have come concerns for religious freedom in the country. Indonesia is home to over 17,000 islands scattered across the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. Of those islands, NPR says over 900 are inhabited. This year …

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Good Friday; the ultimate example of hesed love

North America (MNN) — Good Friday: while the specific date changes from year to year, the meaning never does. Good Friday represents Jesus’ willing sacrifice on behalf of mankind. According to Set Free Ministries’ Dean Vander Mey, Christ’s motive on the cross should be ours, too. “That’s hesed love: laying …

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Haiti: still recovering after months of riots

(Photo courtesy of Marcello Casal Jr/ABr – Agência Brasil/Wikimedia/CC) Haiti (MNN) – When the United Nations set the stage for the end of peacekeeping in Haiti, the people who took note were not necessarily the Haitians. Eva DeHart of For Haiti With Love explains, “The obsession in Haiti right now …

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