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Non-Chinese Christians targeted in latest government crackdown

China (MNN) — Chinese Christians face yet another hurdle. There’s been a recent wave of deportations of non-Chinese Christian leaders. Those who remain won’t allow Chinese Christians into their services because they don’t want the Chinese government to kick them out. As described here, South Korean believers in Shandong province …

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Asia Bibi: Where is she now?

Pakistan (MNN) — It’s been just over a month since Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan, was finally acquitted of blasphemy charges. She was convicted of blasphemy back in 2010 after a dispute with Muslim female coworkers. Bibi served the following years on death row as Christians worldwide prayed …

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Alaska earthquake rattles nerves, not resolve

USA (MNN) — Anchorage, Alaska is still “rock-and-rolling” following Friday’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake. The US Geological Survey reports more than 1,000 aftershocks in the area ranging from magnitudes 2.0 to 4.0. Approximately 40 percent of Alaska’s total population lives in Anchorage, and for many, Friday’s quake triggered frightening flashbacks to 1964. …

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14,000 unaccompanied minors are in U.S. Custody

United States (MNN) – Recent reports say families and children were tear-gassed by the United States border patrol after a protest broke out into violence and became a run for the border. The BBC reports that about 500 immigrants from Central American countries joined in a march in Tijuana, Mexico …

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HR 390: one step closer to home

USA (MNN) — It’s a breakthrough move that barely made headlines. Members of the U.S. Congress voted unanimously last week to approve HR 390, a bill that activates support for Christians and Yazidis targeted by ISIS. House Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey first introduced HR 390 back in 2016 …

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New radio partnership to open doors in Mexico

Mexico (TWR/MNN) – Trans World Radio is a powerhouse in global media outreach which engages millions in 190 countries with biblical truth in their heart language. Yet, when it comes to Mexico, TWR has been searching for a way to connect with more people via radio. TWR’s Steve Shantz, vice …

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Islamic State: gone or here to stay?

Iraq (MNN) — Is the Islamic State defeated? The short answer is, “it depends on who you ask.” Many analysts, however, are leaning towards “No.” A year ago, both Iraqi and Russian leaders claimed “final victory” over the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  Now, Kurdish officials say the group …

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