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Asian Access looks to begin program in Indonesia

Indonesia (MNN) – A major component for a healthy church is strong leadership. However, there are so many places around the world where church leaders lack access to leadership tools and training. That’s why Asian Access exists—to equip Christian leaders and to bring leaders together within a country so they …

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Rise of persecution in Sudan

Sudan (MNN) – In the last few years, there’s been an uptick of Christian persecution in Sudan and it remains strong even in 2018. “The situation has been difficult for many, many years of course, but the current process of pressure on the Church started shortly after the secession of …

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Pakistan proposes changes to blasphemy law

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan has been facing international pressure to change its blasphemy laws for some time. These blasphemy laws target minorities, like Christians, who if they say or do something deemed offensive towards Islam or its prophet Muhammad, can be charged with blasphemy which results in a death sentence. …

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Generation Z: the least-Christian generation in America

USA (MNN) — Still think Millennials are the prevailing young generation today? Not anymore. Today’s high school and college students are in Generation Z. Researchers are starting to learn about Generation Z and have found several distinctions. For example, Generation Z tends to have shorter attention spans than Millennials, they …

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New Zealand to repeal blasphemy law

New Zealand (MNN) — New Zealand’s government has introduced legislation to repeal its anti-blasphemy law, which targets non-Christians. New Zealand may seem like an unlikely place to be home to a blasphemy law. That’s probably because no one has been prosecuted under this law since 1922. Repealing a Blasphemy Law …

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Building up the oppressed Saudi Church

Saudi Arabia (MNN) – With historically oppressive governments, the idea of a thriving Saudi Church seems like a dream. Yet Emad Al Abdy, a leader of the Saudi Christian Association, wants to see a vibrant church among his people. A Government Opposed The Saudi Christian Association was developed and run …

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Iranian youth: disillusioned and desperate for hope

Iran (MNN) — Underemployed, politically disenfranchised, religiously restricted — the youth in Iran make up over two-thirds of the national population and they are desperately searching for purpose. Mike Ansari with Heart4Iran explains, “The youth of Iran are fed up with Islam. They are looking for new meaning in their …

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