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The Danger of “Christian” Infamy

Last week, the Send Institute ran a poignant piece by John Davidson that argued for the decoupling of church planting and entrepreneurship. Davidson writes, “Rather than framing planting as ecclesial entrepreneurship, the church would be better served if we framed it biblically. The way to do that is by calling …

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Hidden Dangers of Christian Textbooks

It is no secret that evolutionary teaching and the religion of naturalism run rampant in public education. The idea that life has been evolving on earth for millions of years is taught as fact from the earliest ages. Kindergarteners are taught that dinosaurs never lived with man, and high school …

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Christian workers face persecution in new places

Int’l (MNN) — Religious tensions are growing around the world, and many believers are feeling the fall-out. More and more governments and small groups are voicing threats against followers of Christ. A Turning Tide Ed Weaver, President of Spoken Worldwide, notes that their Christian workers have found it difficult to …

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