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Feedback: Observed Evolution

A recent tweet directed at Ken Ham made a frequent evolutionary assertion: “Evolution has been directly observed both in the lab and in the field. If you had done any research whatsoever, you would know this.” The commenter then linked to a couple of studies,1,2 which he claimed proved his …

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The Evolution of . . . Chocolate?

Chocolate is a favorite among many people; we eat it, we drink it, we coat stuff in it. A new study by evolutionary scientists claims that understanding the evolutionary origins of the cocoa plant could have positive ramifications for the chocolate industry. They do this in part by looking at …

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Animal Polyploidy: A Mechanism for Evolution?

Introduction Note: This article is part of a series. For a definition of many of the technical terms in this article, see the article on plant polyploidy. Animal polyploidy does exist, though it appears to be far less common than it is in plants. As in plants, polyploidy arises as …

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Is Plant Polyploidy a Viable Mechanism for Evolution?

Introduction Polyploidy is probably a foreign word to many people, but it is a fairly straightforward word to understand. The prefix poly means many or multiple. The word ploid comes from Greek and roughly translates as “fold.”1 Thus, the word polyploidy means many folds. It is a key element of …

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