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Is Plant Polyploidy a Viable Mechanism for Evolution?

Introduction Polyploidy is probably a foreign word to many people, but it is a fairly straightforward word to understand. The prefix poly means many or multiple. The word ploid comes from Greek and roughly translates as “fold.”1 Thus, the word polyploidy means many folds. It is a key element of …

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“The Scopes Trial Settled the Question of Evolution”

In July of 1925, thousands of onlookers braved the heat in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, to witness what has been called the “Scopes Monkey Trial.” People across the world tuned in to the “Trial of the Century” as this was the first case receiving national coverage by radio …

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Rapidly Reproducing Killifish Defy Evolution

Introduction Killifish are common in the pet trade, and come in varying sizes and colors. They have increasingly become common as lab animals as well. Researchers use them to study aging in humans since they mature rapidly. Yet killifish have only rarely been addressed in major creationist literature and generally …

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Nobel Prize Evolution

Half of the prize and the accompanying $ 1 million prize money went to Frances H. Arnold, a professor of chemical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, for her work on developing new enzymes through induced mutations. The other half of the prize was shared by George P. Smith, …

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Taking the BBC's Evolution Test

The BBC recently put a ‘Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution’1 on their website. The reason for the quiz is that, even though evolution is seen as a well-accepted scientific principle in the UK, the BBC believes there are still many misconceptions about it amongst people: “Scientific understanding of evolution …

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“Mutations Drive Evolution”

Introduction Neo-Darwinism offers this basic equation for evolution: mutations + natural selection + millions of years = particles-to-person evolution. Harvard researcher Howard Berg described evolution this way: The basic idea of evolution is so elegant, so beautiful, so simple. The idea is simply that you fiddle around and you change …

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