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Christian workers face persecution in new places

Int’l (MNN) — Religious tensions are growing around the world, and many believers are feeling the fall-out. More and more governments and small groups are voicing threats against followers of Christ. A Turning Tide Ed Weaver, President of Spoken Worldwide, notes that their Christian workers have found it difficult to …

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Sudanese students face challenges returning home

Sudan (MNN) – Arab Baptist Theological Seminary educates students from Sudan every year. But with this education comes challenges. The first challenge is adjusting to life in a foreign country, particularly one like Lebanon, which features more freedom than Sudan for religious minorities. Sometimes students come alone or with families. …

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SAT-7 focuses on empowerment and issues girls face

Middle East (MNN) — SAT-7, a Christian satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is tackling girls’ issues. Through its Farsi channel, SAT-7 PARS, the program A Girl’s World is aimed at helping girls and educating viewers. “We can see it every day. The kids are suffering …

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Is Creation “Very Good” in the Face of Climate Change?

Dr. Astudillo whole-heartedly believes climate change is caused by humans and that it will be devastating to life on earth. Now, climate change is real. We can observe that climates change. But much of climate change science is driven by an erroneous interpretation of the past. You see, if you …

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Apostasy in Sudan, Christians face test of faith, fear

Sudan (MNN) – The pressure on Christians in Sudan feels like it has been increasing as government scrutiny increases. The latest: the case involving house church leader Tajadin Idris Yousef. On October 13, officers of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) arrested Tajadin, along with 11 other believers in …

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