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Oil Is a Gift from God. Are We Squandering It?

By August 27, 1859, New England railroad conductor Edwin L. Drake had been spending borrowed money for months, and it was running out. His steam-powered drill had bored 69 feet into the rock near Titusville, Pennsylvania, at the rate of three feet a day, and he had yet to strike …

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Canada Releases ‘Gay Coin’ to Celebrate LGBTQ2 Anniversary, Christians Call It ‘An Affront to Our God’

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a commemorative one-dollar coin (known as a “loonie”) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of the LGBTQ community. Conservative Christians have called the new coin a highly offensive attack against God. In 1969, Canada’s Parliament passed legislation to partially stop the …

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‘Touched by God’: How Superbook Freed a Vietnamese Boy from Suicidal Thoughts and Video Game Addiction

According to psychologists, excessive video gaming overstimulates the nervous system, especially for children whose nervous system is under-developed. It also affects the brain of the child, causing him to have trouble paying attention, managing emotions and tolerating frustration.  This may explain why an 11-yr-old Vietnamese boy’s addiction to violent video …

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