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Ken Ham Solves Great Paleontological Mystery

A recent article reported on the attempt by several experts to discover how this fossil, found in the Green River Formation, was formed (and I encourage you to go to the article and see the photo—it’s a truly incredible fossil!). One expert, who has studied other fossils from the Green …

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The Great Commission: what is it?

USA (MNN) – The Barna Group released research last year that shocked the Christian community in North America. According to the study conducted with the Seed Company, 51-percent of American churchgoers are not familiar with the term “Great Commission”. From there, a quarter of respondents said they heard of it …

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When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith

The metaphors we use in given situations show us more about our assumptions than we often realize. In politics, we speak of the “arena,” our “opponents,” or even “battle lines.” Our language betrays a hostile environment filled with warring parties. When we discuss education, we may refer to “values,” “costs,” …

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