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Human Cooperation—the Result of a Belief in Angry Gods?

This study argues that a belief in punitive gods (gods who would punish people for their choices) made people more willing to share their resources, thus uniting distant populations into a cohesive group. As religion evolved, it supposedly created an “us vs. them” mentality that gave rise to large societies. …

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Did a “Taste for Fat” Make Us Human?

Apparently, for humans to develop and sustain their bigger brains, they needed adequate nutrition and fat is the answer. These researchers believe ape-like ancestors used rocks to smash the bones of large mammals left behind by predators. They then ate the nutrient-rich bone marrow, giving them the energy to evolve …

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Were Ancient “Human Cousins” Jewelers?

Denisovans, a human variety known only in fossil form from one cave in Siberia, are considered by evolutionists to be our early cousins, not as advanced as modern man. But scientists have found more than just fragments of human remains in this cave (which, in a biblical worldview, was likely …

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