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India facing a significant need for Bible translation

India (MNN) — India is home to over 1.2 billion people with 22 recognized languages. However, within those languages are hundreds of dialects with significant linguistic differences. This means many dialects also need a translation of the Bible. Biblica’s Mathew Varghese says: Translation Needs “Biblica focuses on strategic languages, meaning …

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It’s getting harder to follow Christ in India

India (MNN) — Picture this: you’re a local church leader in a country where persecution is starting to become a daily threat. Christian ministries that provide support and tangible resources to your congregation are forced to leave. Where would you turn for help? How would you “care for your flock” …

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Bomb planted at church in India

India (MNN) – On October 25, an IED was found in the trash bin at a church in northeast India, a region nestled between Bangladesh and Nepal. Authorities were immediately called, and the bomb was neutralized. Bibles for the World’s President John Pudaite and his wife were at the church …

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Set Free India demonstrates Christ’s love for the outcast

India (MNN) — India is a beautiful nation filled with rich culture and history. However, in a population exceeding 1.3 billion, it’s easy to “disappear.” Uncounted multitudes lay forgotten and alone in prison cells and hospital beds. Faceless thousands are enslaved to drug or alcohol addictions, while millions are trapped …

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India home to the most unreached people groups

India (MNN) – India is home to more unreached people groups than any other nation, and the numbers of unengaged people will continue escalating according to World Mission’s Greg Kelley. “Within the next 20 years, not only will it be the most populated Hindu country in the world, but it …

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