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India Partners points ahead to World Water Day 2019

India (MNN) — A report released earlier this month by UNICEF states one-third of the world’s impoverished children live in India. Even though India’s economy is growing and likely to overtake the United States’ by 2030, hundreds of millions of Indian children lack essentials like food and clean water. Sickness …

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India: of persecution, politics and prayer

India (MNN) — Vandals in India’s Telangana State burned a church to the ground February 2nd. This incident is but one of hundreds taking place daily. Although there are 64 million Christians, persecution in India is at its highest level in 70 years, a new report warns. A religious rights …

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India facing a significant need for Bible translation

India (MNN) — India is home to over 1.2 billion people with 22 recognized languages. However, within those languages are hundreds of dialects with significant linguistic differences. This means many dialects also need a translation of the Bible. Biblica’s Mathew Varghese says: Translation Needs “Biblica focuses on strategic languages, meaning …

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