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John Chau, Missions, and Lessons to be Learned

Missions, as the world has seen this month, is controversial. John Chau’s missionary journey to North Sentinel Island has captured the attention of the world. Many have written their thoughts, and I’ve done my share as well (see part 1 here and my Washington Post article here). Many hot takes …

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Enjoy Free Answers Bible Curriculum Christmas Lessons

To help the children in your church (or home) focus on Christ and dive deeper into why he came, we’re offering free Christmas lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum, our Sunday school curriculum. This free digital download includes: Teacher guide with introduction, Bible lesson, application section, and prayer time Lesson poster …

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Three Valuable Lessons From John The Baptist

John the Baptist is an enigmatic and intriguing figure. Like Jesus, there’s a supernatural aspect to his birth story (Luke 1:5–25). As he grows, we find him living the life of an ascetic out in the desert, wearing camel’s hair and living off of a diet of locusts and wild …

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Secularism and Diversity: Lessons from Canada

Trinity Western University, a Canadian liberal arts university, planned to open a law school as part of its vision to prepare Christians to serve in public and civic life. It wasn’t long before their plan triggered the ire of provincial law societies. In the end, this case ended up before …

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