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What the Sin of Exclusivity in Church Looks Like

The German Lutheran pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, wrote extensively on the importance of diversity in the church. We can learn from his example and take his messages to heart today. Diversity has always been a crux of the gospel message. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul admonishes the Corinthian church for treating …

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'It Was Like Being Bullied': Mom Sues Primary School for Victimizing Her Son with LGBTQ Views

A British mom is suing her son’s school for indoctrinating students with pro-LGBTQ ideology without parental permission. Izoduwa “Izzy” Montague, 35, accuses Heavers Farm Primary School in London of “the systematic proselytization of its young and vulnerable pupils” after children were forced to participate in the school’s LGBTQ “Proud to Me” …

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Help reach Muslims like Ehmed for Christ

USA (MNN) — Today concludes a joint EU and UN conference highlighting the top needs of Syrian refugees and their host countries. As explained here, the UN is calling for an additional $ 3.3 billion to help people within Syria and $ 5.5 billion to help Syrian refugees in neighboring …

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