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The Sexual Revolution’s Next Battle: “Love Has No Age”

Pedophilia is next on the sexual revolutions to-do list. We’ve been saying this for some time. After all, once there’s no absolute authority, and man determines “right” and “wrong,” then anything goes! The war on family—as God has defined it—is increasingly a war on children. The secular culture is out …

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Praying for Muslims replaces fear with love

International (MNN) — There is a strong temptation in society to form “them versus us” identities. The schisms between political parties, religious groups, races, and socioeconomic statuses can be deep. Between Christians and Muslims, this divide often looks like fear. Persecution against Christians is on the rise around the world. …

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Should Christians “Love a Tree”?

April 26 is Arbor Day, and May 16 is “Love a Tree Day.” Trees are symbols of life, seen most literally in depictions of our family trees—an image of growth, connection, and rootedness. But more than symbols, trees enable us to live better lives: we eat their fruits, find shelter …

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