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John Chau, Missions, and Lessons to be Learned

Missions, as the world has seen this month, is controversial. John Chau’s missionary journey to North Sentinel Island has captured the attention of the world. Many have written their thoughts, and I’ve done my share as well (see part 1 here and my Washington Post article here). Many hot takes …

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John Chau, Missions, and Fools

On November 17th, John Allen Chau was killed by the tribesmen of the remote North Sentinel Island while attempting to share Christ with them. His death made world news and sparked mostly negative and antagonistic reactions towards the idea of missions in general and Chau in particular. From the initial …

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Do you belong in global missions?

International (MNN) — Did you know there are more unreached people today than there were 50 years ago? About 80 percent of the world’s population lives in areas restricting mission activity. Doors are closing on formal missions. Between 2.8-3 billion people in the world are still unreached, according to Scatter …

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Nicaraguan Unrest Squashes Summer Missions

Most summers, Corner of Love, a Christian nonprofit in northern Nicaragua, hosts 30 teams of volunteers to help with its school, medical services, and water improvement projects. But this year, no one’s coming. Ministry leaders canceled the summer programming last month since recent political unrest—the worst in the Central American …

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