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Power of Past Super-Floods

What evidence do we see that a global Flood devastated the earth’s surface during Noah’s day—on a scale unlike anything we see today? It seems unbelievable, unless you consider how much dirt water can move. In our own backyards, small floods can deposit layers of dirt on a tiny scale. …

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A Bright Future Rooted in a Distant Past

The glum cacophony of voices bemoaning the state of the church in North America present a bleak deconstructionist’s portrait of the future. It does not look good. With the diagnosis comes heaps of questions clamoring for immediate answers: How does the rise of the “nones” and “dones” influence our missiology? …

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Volcanoes—Windows Into Earth’s Past

Few natural catastrophes today compare to the awesome spectacle of a volcanic eruption. The Mount St. Helens eruption of May 18, 1980, the most destructive in recorded U.S. history, unleashed the same energy as 400 million tons of TNT, or approximately 20,000 Hiroshima-size atomic bombs.1 Yet its explosive power is …

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ISIS: a threat from the past, present, future

International (MNN) – In December 2017 the United States Pentagon reported that 97 percent of ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq had been liberated. While some assume this means that our worries about ISIS are over, others question, is ISIS still a threat? Is ISIS Relevant? “We absolutely should be …

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Worldwide efforts to make orphanages a thing of the past

International (MNN) — Not many organizations want to put themselves out of a job, but that’s exactly what Bethany Christian Services is trying to do. According to Bethany’s Kristi Gleason, a perfect world would be one in which organizations like Bethany were completely unnecessary. The first step towards such a …

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