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Growing persecution in the Middle East

Int’l (MNN) – Being a Christian in many places means persecution. As the world slips further into 2019, that trend is growing. A Spike in Persecution From state-sponsored backlash to familial pressures, faith in Christ is under attack. This is increasingly true in countries dominated by radical Islamic ideologies. Samuel …

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India: of persecution, politics and prayer

India (MNN) — Vandals in India’s Telangana State burned a church to the ground February 2nd. This incident is but one of hundreds taking place daily. Although there are 64 million Christians, persecution in India is at its highest level in 70 years, a new report warns. A religious rights …

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Christian workers face persecution in new places

Int’l (MNN) — Religious tensions are growing around the world, and many believers are feeling the fall-out. More and more governments and small groups are voicing threats against followers of Christ. A Turning Tide Ed Weaver, President of Spoken Worldwide, notes that their Christian workers have found it difficult to …

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2018: an “unprecedented” year of persecution in Iran

Iran (MNN) — Amid news of Iran’s deepening economic woes, a new report describes the regime’s continued crackdown on Christians. Violations of the Rights of Christians in Iran 2018 was compiled by Article 18, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Middle East Concern, and Open Doors International. It begins by listing rights and …

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'All-Out War Against Religious Minorities': Faith Leaders Expose China's Brutal Persecution of Christians

China is tightening its grip on the country’s Christians through repeated efforts to persecute and silence the Church. Chinese believers are being rounded up, imprisoned and some even tortured for their faith. In addition, government officials are removing crosses from churches, burning Bibles and demolishing church buildings. “Churches have been …

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