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Lebanon: a new horror in Syrian refugee camps

Lebanon (MNN) – Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon are no picnic. Sanitation is dicey, illness lurks in every corner, and food and space are seriously lacking. The terms often associated with the camps are ‘squalid’, ‘overcrowded’ and ‘neglected’. There’s a strong push from the Lebanese government to force the refugees …

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Round two: refugee crisis in Greece

Greece (MNN) – Turkey’s deal with the European Union  kicked the refugee crisis in Greece into high gear. This wave came as the result of a crackdown on migrants in Turkey at the same time fighting intensified in Syria. Two months ago, Istanbul began pushing unregistered migrants to find other …

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Rohingya refugee crisis marks two years

Bangladesh (MNN) — We just passed the two-year mark of the Rohingya refugee crisis. In August 2017, over 700,000 Rohingyas fled Myanmar following a military-led crackdown in the nation. Providing a recap on the situation is FMI’s Executive International Director Bruce Allen. “Myanmar, or Burma as it’s also called, is almost …

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TENT Schools educate Iraqi refugee kids

Jordan (MNN) — TENT Schools International’s Rawan Haddad recently visited the organization’s partner in Jordan. The visit let Haddad see first-hand how TENT Schools’ partnership with Good Shepherd Center is impacting Iraqi refugees. “This is school was established in Amman. They are serving 117 Iraqi refugee children currently in their …

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