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What is Happening in AiG’s Research Department?

What do blood cells in a fossilized insect, Noah’s sons, dinosaur soft tissue, the Grand Canyon, and stars all have in common? They are all topics of AiG research projects. Our research department, with our several PhD scientists, is involved with all of them to one degree or another. Our …

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The Challenge of Fossil Forests for Creationist Research

Keywords: Allochthonous, autochthonous, in situ, fossil forests, tidal cycles, Stigmaria roots, Pennsylvanian lycopod trees, upright stumps, biomass per hectare, coal, ligniteם. Introduction Truly autochthonous fossil forests place constraints on what are, and what are not, Flood sediments. Truly autochthonous forests either postdate the Flood (even if the sediments in which …

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Academics “Harassed” Over Transgender Research

The letter expresses the concerns these academics have about scientific freedom in research, particularly regarding the issue of gender. They claim members of their group have faced harassment and attempts to censor their research simply because others don’t agree with the results and conclusions of the research. Of course, such …

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