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PTEE’s fundraiser yields surprising results

Jordan (MNN) – Program for Theological Education by Extension recently had a matching gift fundraiser called “Advancing the Kingdom”. Through the fundraiser, PTEE raised $ 25,800 combined with a matched $ 25,000 for a grand total of $ 50,800 raised. Ever wonder how your donations are used? PTEE is spilling …

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DR Congo election results still delayed, tensions rising

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) – Citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo are still waiting for the election results from the Dec. 30 presidential vote. This addition to a series of delays has people anxious and uncertain. “The Catholic Church, which has a lot of influence in that country, has stepped forward. They’ve been …

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e3 Partners trip to Nicaragua results in new faith

Nicaragua (MNN) — Last month, protests in Nicaragua turned violent enough that the US State Department pulled embassy staff from the country. Yet there is no place so chaotic that God’s love can’t reach it. Take a Trip, Share Christ During a recent e3 Partners trip to Nicaragua, a volunteer …

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Malaysian election results are in

Malaysia (MNN) – Yesterday, Malaysia voted for their state and federal governments. As votes were being tallied, the race between Prime Minister Najib Razak and former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad proved to be tight, as expected. However,  Mr. Mahathir took a historic victory as part of the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan. …

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Evidence for Hamitic Migration into Egypt? Correlating Results from Recent DNA Testing of Egyptian Mummies and Genesis 10:6

The Book of Genesis (10:1–32) preserves very ancient genealogical lists that biblical historians label “The Table of Nations.” Contained in these 32 verses are the family trees of Noah and his three sons. Their lines of descendants eventually formed the various ethnic groups populating the eastern Mediterranean basin, Northern Africa, …

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