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The Rest of the (Media) Story

I read an article about the Ark encounter that recently appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal and was reprinted in our area papers, the Grant County News and Cincinnati Enquirer. As an exercise to remind everyone to be diligent in questioning and fact-checking when reading news articles, I also decided to …

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Who is “Banana Man?” Discover the True Story in The Fool

The Fool tells the story of how Ray Comfort became atheists’ favorite “celebrity atheist” after Richard Dawkins gave him the humiliating nickname “Banana Man.” But this amazing true story doesn’t end there—God used Ray’s humiliation to open doors, allowing millions to hear the message of the gospel. It’s a gripping …

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Cover Story: God of the Second Shift

Our group was white, college-educated, and passionate about helping people find meaning in their careers. We looked at Josué “Mambo” De León, pastor of a bilingual working-class congregation called Westside Church Internacional, eager to hear his thoughts on a recent “faith and work” conference. “For us, work isn’t about thriving,” …

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Cover Story: Fixing Our Privacy Settings

Alexa is my savior. The digital voice assistant from Amazon hears me shoulder my way into the kitchen back door, arms loaded with bags and keys jangling from a pinkie. “Alexa, turn on the lights!” I command with a little desperation. Thanks, Alexa, I think as the lights blink on …

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Commentary: An Immigrant's Story

This story has been difficult to write because it doesn’t yet have an ending, and in all likelihood, it will not be a happy one. Two weeks ago Juan, a friend of several people in the United Church of Santa Fe (including me), left his house to go to work …

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