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How Devotional Poetry Unlocks the Bible’s Surprises

During Sunday worship at my Anglican church, a lector reads aloud from the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the Epistles. The climactic moment occurs when a priest carries the Bible above his head from the altar to the nave, where he reads the Gospel. This liturgical gesture communicates two things: …

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Taylor President Surprises University with Resignation

Taylor University announced yesterday morning that its president, Paul Lowell Haines, is resigning at the end of the summer. After three years at the helm of the nondenominational Christian college, his departure comes on his own accord and despite continued support from the university’s board of trustees, according to Taylor’s …

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The Many Surprises of 20th-Century Christianity

A reader might well approach Brian Stanley’s Christianity in the Twentieth Century: A World History with a mix of intrigue and skepticism. How on earth, we might ask, can even the most skilled writer incorporate every major theme and movement, every key thinker and theological debate, in this action-packed era? …

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