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Testing Pakistan, Asia Bibi.

Pakistan (MNN) – Pakistan has been in an uproar since October 8, the date of a final Supreme Court hearing Monday regarding the fate of Asia Bibi. The hearing concluded and yet,  the three justice panel did not immediately release their decision.  As the world waited with bated breath, the …

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Testing the Teachers

We live in an amazing time. In our Western culture, we have access to an astounding number of resources that claim to teach truths of the Christian faith. As you walk or click into a Christian bookstore, how do you discern which books will be edifying and which may lead …

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Evidence for Hamitic Migration into Egypt? Correlating Results from Recent DNA Testing of Egyptian Mummies and Genesis 10:6

The Book of Genesis (10:1–32) preserves very ancient genealogical lists that biblical historians label “The Table of Nations.” Contained in these 32 verses are the family trees of Noah and his three sons. Their lines of descendants eventually formed the various ethnic groups populating the eastern Mediterranean basin, Northern Africa, …

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