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Humans May Have Fewer Genes Than Expected?

Now in typical fashion, the researchers then dismissed these genes as pseudogenes, often called “obsolete coding genes.” Evolutionary biologists believe that pseudogenes came about from decay of genes (via mutation, insertions, and deletions) that originated from duplication of a coding gene at some point in the organism’s supposed evolutionary history. …

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More Than Material Minds

From Plough Quarterly No. 17: The Soul of Medicine (Summer 2018) Copyright © 2018 by Plough Publishing House. Reposted with permission. I watched the CAT scan images appear on the screen, one by one. The baby’s head was mostly empty. There were only thin slivers of brain—a bit of brain …

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Less Than 5% of Australian Freshmen Are Creationists

Australian politics are a mess right now with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull being ousted by his own party and a new Prime Minister being installed—the fifth Prime Minister in as many years. Former Prime Minister Turnbull has been given credit—and has even claimed it himself—for legalizing gay “marriage” late last …

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Humanists Marry More Couples than Church of Scotland

Not only is the number of secularists rising, the number of weddings is declining. In 1961 over 40,000 couples tied the knot, but last year the number of weddings didn’t quite reach 28,500. And many couples who are marrying are choosing a civil ceremony or humanist wedding because it matches …

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Wildfires claim more than 80 lives in Greece

Greece (MNN) — Wildfires are a seasonal problem for Greece, but this year’s fires are anything but regular. “This year, there was a particularly bad series of wildfires in the greater Athens area, and that affected a lot of people,” says Tasos Ioannidis of AMG International. “More than 3500 homes …

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