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20 Truths from Brave Souls by Belinda Bauman

1. “What impacted me most was their capacity to love. They regularly overcame their wounds—physical, emotional, and psychological— choosing to forgive the perpetrators, reconcile with their enemies, and serve their communities” (Page 6). 2. “Empathy became an engine to bring change to their communities. It was real, muscular, disciplined” (Page …

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20 Truths from ‘Women in God’s Mission’

“…around the globe women face a wide variety of unique challenges because of their gender… despite these challenges, when women accept and live into God’s invitations, he uses their lives in amazing and remarkable ways” (page 9). “Many women’s lives are a balancing act of navigating power in different spheres …

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20 Truths from Faith Among the Faithless

1. Secularism denies real transcendence. It might allow for the possibility of the experience of transcendence, but it must explain it via these material causes: What we call transcendence or religious experience is actually some combination of good hormones and happy neurons in the brain. It has some evolutionary cause— …

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20 Truths from Small Church Essentials

Karl Vaters’ new book Small Church Essentials: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of Under 250 has just released and it’s a great read for pastors and leaders of smaller churches. Karl has been a small church pastor for 30 years, is the author of The Grasshopper Myth: Big …

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