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Water: An Underappreciated Gift of the Creator

June 23 is considered National Hydration Day, a day that reminds us to replace the fluids our body loses throughout the day. Of course, the best fluid to sip all day is water—and lots of it. We are composed of about 60% water and cannot survive more than a week …

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Keeping the Trinity Personal

“Holy, Holy, Holy” is one of the most well-known hymns in the English language. The famous hymn, inspired by the Nicene Creed and sung in countless churches each Sunday, ends with the familiar line “God in three persons, blessed Trinity!” But as beloved as this song is, how well do …

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Heavy monsoon rains threaten Rohingya refugee camps

Bangladesh (MNN) — They have survived genocide, rape, beatings, and hunger. But now the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have to survive a new threat: monsoon rains. The Rohingya people are a stateless minority from Myanmar who fled ethnic violence. Many of them ended up in Bangladesh. While the repatriation process …

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