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Commentary: Dreaming in the time of viceroys

I have always been caught up by the beauty and clarity of the speech “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr. In his dream, Dr. King referred to his aspiration of seeing all people united, living in harmony beyond race and color. That dream is still pending as …

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A second term

I love what I do. This calling to serve on behalf of the United Church of Christ, and to experience and bear witness to what our collective agency in the world creates, is a joy beyond expectation. To be sure, it is a delicate and arduous undertaking. The challenges are …

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Commentary: Tell the Story, Write It Down, and Make It Plain

Highlighting the resilience and perseverance of Africans from 1619 to this present day, 2019 marks the 400th Commemoration of the arrival of Africans into North America. Across the country many African American communities, churches, and organizations are planning celebrations to mark this significant and historic event. The importance of the commemoration …

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