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Commentary: Blessed are the Storytellers

In Washington D.C., there is no shortage of issues to focus on these days. No lack of political and moral crises to keep one up at night. In my work, I have been reminded of just how closely intertwined our policy work is with personal stories and struggles—the connection between …

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Dorhauer: Time to heal the wounds that we created

America is in pain. People who have suffered sexual trauma, who have spent significant effort shielding themselves from public shame and humiliation, and who have sought healing from deep and festering wounds, are now compelled to tell their stories on very public and highly politicized stages. Further contributing to the …

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UCC speaks out in support of Ohio Issue 1

The United Church of Christ, which has long advocated for criminal justice reform and against mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenses, is endorsing an effort in Ohio that would send fewer people to prison for drug possession and use, while redirecting dollars saved into providing more treatment for people suffering …

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