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To Space and Back—an Astronaut’s Perspective

This summer marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, believed by many to be the most momentous technological achievement in human history. As this anniversary approaches, we read different retrospectives almost every place we turn. As an astronaut who once piloted Space Shuttle Atlantis and later served …

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Surprise: “Oldest” Fossil Lily Looks Just Like a Lily

This particular specimen was “extraordinarily well preserved,” including roots, flower, and even the individual cells. And it has all the features of that specific class of plant (monocotyledonous): “parallel-veined, narrow leaves with a leaf sheath, a fibrous root system and triple flowers.” The scientists say, based on this new specimen, …

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How Scholars’ Perceptions of the Semantic Range of יוֹם Have Affected Their Discussions of the Age of the Universe: Part 3

Keywords: יוֹם ;יוֹם in Creation account; age of the universe; היה) בְּעֵינַיִם כְּ); Analogical Days Position; Augustine; Church Fathers’ view of Genesis 1–2:4; Cosmic Temple Inauguration Theory; Creation days; Day-Age Theory; Day of the Lord; Dual Perspective Theory; Exodus 20:8–11; extended definitions of יוֹם; Fiat Theory; Framework Interpretation; Gap Theory; …

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How Did Snakes Get Their Venomous Bite?

The answer is clear when you start with God’s Word and remember that there aretwo kinds of science. According to Nature World News, “a new study details the evolution of snakes and how they came to boast a venomous bite, challenging the conventional view of how the species got their …

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“Did He Not Make Them One?”

We’re going to see the culture begin to redefine marriage yet again. Now that’s not the first time I’ve declared this. I’ve been saying for years that, as our culture drifts further from God’s Word as the authority, we’re going to see the culture begin to redefine marriage yet again. …

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Is Capital Punishment for Today?

When passages from the Old Testament are used to justify or condemn a modern practice, many respond with the all-or-nothing argument, “Well, if you are going to follow the Old Testament on that issue, why not follow it everywhere else—build a rail on top of your roof (Deuteronomy 22:8), do …

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Feedback: Observed Evolution

A recent tweet directed at Ken Ham made a frequent evolutionary assertion: “Evolution has been directly observed both in the lab and in the field. If you had done any research whatsoever, you would know this.” The commenter then linked to a couple of studies,1,2 which he claimed proved his …

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Evolved to Feel No Pain?

At-a-Glance Researchers studying mole-rats have found several with insensitivity to different pain-causing substances. The Highveld mole-rat is the first mammal known to have pain insensitivity to AITC, the pain-causing chemical in wasabi and other horseradish. The differing pain insensitivities among the different mole-rats (and one root rat) all seem to …

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Dispelling Paleontological Myths and False Narratives

Here are just a few of those false narratives: Dinosaurs died out 65 or so million years ago. Dinosaurs evolved into birds. Dinosaurs didn’t actually go extinct—they are alive today, flying around as birds. Dinosaurs never lived with humans. He’s committed to the evolutionary fairy-tale story. Of course, these aren’t …

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