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Evolution’s Surprising New Critics

Most people, both Christians and non-Christians alike, would be surprised to learn that all is not well in the land of molecules-to-man evolution. Creationists aren’t the only ones questioning the reigning evolutionary model—a band of rebellious evolutionists is leading a new movement called The Third Way. As their website explains, …

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Bitter Butterfly

The origin of mimicry has always been troublesome for evolutionary dogma. Mimicry occurs in numerous groups of animals and provides a benefit to at least the mimic. However, according to many evolutionists, such as Richard Dawkins, evolution is merely a string of unordered events with “no purpose in mind.”1 Given …

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“Lousy” Pigeon Professors

Introduction A recent study looked at the colors of lice on the feathers of numerous varieties of pigeons. According to the authors, the study was proof of evolution: “To our knowledge, this is the first real‐time demonstration that microevolution is fast enough to simulate millions of years of macroevolutionary change.”2 …

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Should Christians Save the Rhinos?

May 1 is Save the Rhino Day. Rhinoceros have become increasingly endangered in recent decades, with many species now considered “critically endangered.”1 Though some endangerment results from loss of habitat, the rhinos’ biggest threat is poachers. Recently, a CNN news story featured the death of a poacher who was illegally …

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Designing Nemo

Most people think of clownfish as just one species, but there are actually 28 named species, mostly from genus Amphiprion with one from the closely related genus Premnas. Some of these species are likely either misclassified hybrids or hybrid species.1 And not all clownfish species are orange and white, like …

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Acknowledging the Pain of Childlessness

You know those memories that stay with you in vivid color as if they happened yesterday, even after years have passed? Maybe it is your wedding day, the day you graduated, or some other significant milestone in your life. For me, one of those still-vivid memories is my husband Michael’s …

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Countering the Genesis 3:1 Attack of Our Day

This month I’m going to start off my letter to you with a history lesson. As I was composing it, I found it to be an interesting exercise. So I’ll use Bible references and secular sources to help you understand cultures, past and present, and where they stood spiritually and …

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