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Is Plant Polyploidy a Viable Mechanism for Evolution?

Introduction Polyploidy is probably a foreign word to many people, but it is a fairly straightforward word to understand. The prefix poly means many or multiple. The word ploid comes from Greek and roughly translates as “fold.”1 Thus, the word polyploidy means many folds. It is a key element of …

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Were Ancient “Human Cousins” Jewelers?

Denisovans, a human variety known only in fossil form from one cave in Siberia, are considered by evolutionists to be our early cousins, not as advanced as modern man. But scientists have found more than just fragments of human remains in this cave (which, in a biblical worldview, was likely …

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Recent Amber Fossil Finds

Two recent amber fossil finds, one in Myanmar (Burma) and the other in Lebanon, have revealed some very interesting examples of similarities between fossil and extant forms, both in morphology and in lifestyle/behavior. While there are some physical differences between the fossil forms and extant ones, these are easily explained …

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Fifth Anniversary of the Debate Watched by Millions

The tickets to come and watch the debate live in our 900-seat auditorium, Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum, sold out in two minutes, so we knew people were certainly interested! And they definitely were—it’s estimated 3-4 million people tuned in to watch the debate live! And an estimated 20-plus …

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Gecko Feet—Best Foot Forward

Scientists have long tried to understand how geckos can walk on walls and ceilings, even on smooth glass. How can a dry foot stick on glass without sticky glue or suction cups? It wasn’t until the twenty-first century that the gecko’s secret was finally discovered. Now researchers are hoping to …

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Taking the Gospel Around the World

When I began grade nine at high school in Australia, it was mandatory to take a foreign language class for two years. The only language offered at our school was French. I didn’t know anyone who spoke French, so I couldn’t see the point in studying this language. So yes, …

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Efectos de la evolución en la moralidad

Creo que el mensaje del ministerio de Respuesta en Génesis ha sido muy “profético”. Incluso cuando comencé a enseñar sobre la creación versus la evolución en 1975, ya estaba afirmando que la evolución atea y la moralidad estaban conectadas y que, con el tiempo, la inmoralidad crecería a medida que …

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Victory! South Carolina Upholds Religious Freedom

An Obama-era regulation barred faith-based and federally funded foster care programs from discriminating on the basis of religion. (Actually, if people applied this idea consistently, this would mean secular adoption organizations would be barred as well, as there’s no neutral worldview position; secularism/atheism is a religion. This regulation forced religious …

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