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White-Tailed Deer—All-American Athletes

I’d never seen anything like it. As our car approached a four-way stop, we saw a white-tailed deer standing at the corner. It looked both ways and, when the street was clear, calmly made its way across the crosswalk. I wish all the deer in our neighborhood would learn that …

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Remembering Tommy Mitchell in Photos

As you pray for the whole family, including his daughters Mary, Ashley, and Sarah, please be encouraged as you learn about this wonderful defender of the Christian faith through these photos. He travelled the world giving lectures on creation-apologetics and wrote countless articles and several science books. He also produced …

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“Chicken Little” and the Dying Church

Introduction Most people in Christianity know that the church in America is dying. We know that young people are leaving the church in droves and that those with no religious affiliation, the infamous nones, are rising at an incredible rate. But is this all an old wives’ tale? Are those …

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Neanderthals—Archaic Human Cousins or Descendants of Adam?

Neanderthals were descendants of Adam and Eve, just like us. Well, it confirms what creationists have been saying for decades—Neanderthals were humans, just like us. I often get asked who the Neanderthals were. The answer is actually simple, when we start with God’s Word. All humans are descendants from Adam …

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Heat Problems Associated with Genesis Flood Models—Part 2: Secondary Temperature Indicators

Keywords: Palaeotemperature; Mg/Ca; Sr/Ca; calcite; magnesium; strontium; foraminifera; corals; ostracods; alkenones; TEX86; diols; clumped isotopes Introduction The catastrophic global Flood at the time of Noah (described in Genesis 7 and 8) must have generated an enormous quantity of heat, thus raising the question of how environmental temperatures were kept within …

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The Magic School Bus and Human Evolution

The authors say that it’s important to teach children about evolution, including human evolution, because “it is still at work today” (largely thanks to climate change, the author claims) and because, quoting evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” Bacterial Resistance—Evolution in …

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Magnificent Motors

Creation: Giardia lamblia Technology: Micro-Robot Navigation Inspiration sometimes strikes from the most unlikely directions. Who knew that a well-known parasite might lead to the next major breakthrough in medical treatment? A group of scientists at the University of Tennessee are leading the way to understand how microscopic creatures (primarily Giardia …

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