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Genetics Confirms the Recent, Supernatural Creation of Adam and Eve

Abstract The advent of modern genetics has seen the evolutionary community redouble its efforts to argue for human-primate common ancestry and against the traditional Christian understanding of the origin of the human race. As has been argued in previous chapters, a careful reading of Genesis 1–11 indicates that God created …

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BioLogos Criticism: Atheists Welcome

Introduction Many people in the church today view the creation issue as a side issue. They do not want to talk about it as they deem it “too controversial.” What these well-meaning people do not understand is that Genesis impacts every area of doctrine. If you reject the biblical account …

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Angry Spiders? Blame, You Guessed it, Climate Change

Some behaviors are simply more beneficial than others under certain circumstances, which may drive a change in the population. But it’s not evolution. The spiders remain spiders—there’s been no change of spider kind. Some behaviors are simply more beneficial than others under certain circumstances, which may drive a change in …

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How Much Does God Know About the Future?

In a fallen world filled with death, suffering, and natural disasters, many people live in pain, uncertainty, and hopelessness. People naturally ask questions. Can I have hope in a world that seems so uncertain? Will a day ever come when death and suffering will be no more? Christians have answers. …

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Secular Alternatives to the Big Bang Are Expanding

Introduction A recent New Scientist (hereafter abbreviated NS) article entitled “What if there was no big bang and we live in an ever-cycling universe?” has generated great discussion. At first blush, one might look at the title and think that a few maverick astronomers and astrophysicists are looking to popularize …

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No “Gay” Gene? Do Genetics Determine Morality?

Well, a new study has just emerged that argues there is no “gay” gene, but that there are genetic markers purportedly associated with homosexual behavior. Genetics, however, can’t be used to predict sexual behavior, and this study wasn’t able to pinpoint which genes may have an influence. This study of …

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Self-Healing Concrete

Creation: Human Muscle Tissue Technology: Self-Healing Concrete Engineers are now looking to God’s creation for innovative ideas in architecture. From new ventilation systems that imitate termite mounds to plots of plants on rooftops, building design will never be the same. Even the basic building block, concrete, has been altered based …

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Behe’s Latest Arguments: A Review of Darwin Devolves

New techniques and biochemical methods have progressed dramatically since Dr. Michael Behe published his first book, Darwin’s Black Box, in 1996. Behe ably uses his knowledge of newer research in Darwin Devolves (Behe 2019) to demonstrate that mutation and natural selection ultimately cause degradation rather than the evolution of new …

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The Wonder of the Human Voice

The way the Human voice works is a marvel of acoustic engineering. Each person’s voice reflects the way first that the original sound is produced at the vocal chords, then in the way the sound waves are channelled through the throat, and finally in the way the sound is released …

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