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Nepal implements anti-conversion law, prayer needed

Nepal (MNN) — Anti-conversion laws are going into effect this month in Nepal. According to David Curry of Open Doors USA, it’s part of a bigger push by India to “Hinduize” their neighbors. “[India is] trying to ‘Hinduize’ their country, and Nepal has been under great pressure from India to …

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Religious persecution rises in India

India (MNN) – Religious persecution of Christians in India has been increasing. “We continue to hear stories of Christians being arrested, being pressured,” Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton says. “In June, there was an arrest of 16 Christians in a state called Jharkhand… They went into a village to …

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Christians unite amid ongoing hardship

Japan (MNN) — Yet another severe tropical storm is expected to roll through southern Japan this evening. According to Accuweather.com, the storm is expected to skirt just south of areas saturated by July’s constant rainfall. Along with the typical destruction, this summer’s typhoon season brought along severe flooding and a …

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Bringing the Gospel to those who don’t read

International (MNN) — Some missions groups target certain countries or language groups with manageable numbers in the thousands or millions. Not Spoken Worldwide. They’re targeting billions. That’s because although two-thirds of the world doesn’t read, they still need Jesus. “There’s probably about two billion people that fit into that category, …

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Horizons International reopens Tripoli Center

Lebanon (MNN) — Pressure from Muslim extremists had forced Horizons International to close down its Tripoli Center for several months. However, as Horizons’ Pierre Houssney reports, believers are now rejoicing. “We’ve been able to reopen,” Houssney shares. “Our staff members have really felt a burden to keep moving forward with …

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Could the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram be related?

Nigeria (MNN) — The Fulani herdsmen recently came into the spotlight because of their attacks targeting Christians in Nigeria. But the Fulani militants mimic another active terror group in the country—Boko Haram. Could the two be linked? Todd Nettleton with the Voice of the Martyrs says it’s possible. The Fulani …

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