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China pushes Christians to stay quiet about persecution

China (MNN) — An article from La Croix recently reported that China is warning local Christians not to speak up about persecution. That call to silence is unnerving for a country with more frequent arrests and demolitions, increased censorship, and other intensive religious restrictions. How bad is persecution in China? …

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Oh, the Places We’ll Stay

My favorite house we owned started out a salmon-pink bank-owned foreclosure on the corner of 800 East and 900 South in Salt Lake City, Utah. When we sold that house to move to the California suburbs six years later, my husband had refinished floors, built me bookcases along the stairs, …

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How Much Longer Can Nicolas Maduro Stay in Power in Venezuela?

CUCUTA, Colombia – A pre-dawn raid by Nicolas Maduro’s secret police resulted in the arrest of one of Interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido’s senior aides, and now Guaido is holding rallies and claims the embattled Maduro’s regime cannot last much longer. High stakes brinksmanship is at play on the world …

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Churches That Play Together Stay Together

In its new Households of Faith report, Barna researchers claim that one of the many reasons “vibrant households” stand out from others is because they engage in “meaningful, fun, quality time with both their housemates and extended household members.” That includes playing games together (32%), sharing meals (63% eat breakfast …

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Islamic State: gone or here to stay?

Iraq (MNN) — Is the Islamic State defeated? The short answer is, “it depends on who you ask.” Many analysts, however, are leaning towards “No.” A year ago, both Iraqi and Russian leaders claimed “final victory” over the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  Now, Kurdish officials say the group …

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