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Major Expansions at the Ark Encounter as it Enters Year 4

Ken Ham, the CEO of AiG, the Ark Encounter, and the Ark’s sister attraction the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (which has just seen record attendance as well), said, “I’m very pleased to report that while most attractions see their best attendance in year one and then experience a drop-off, …

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2019: A deadly year in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (MNN) – According to several human rights watchdog groups, Saudi Arabia will likely execute more people in 2019 than any other year this decade. As of June, Riyadh has already executed over 100 people, with six months left in 2019. For comparison, this surpasses 2015, in which the …

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Commentary: The Year of the Return

Chiseled on the wall nearing the exit of Elmina Slave Castle in Ghana are these words: In Everlasting Memory Of the anguish of our ancestors. May those who died rest in peace. May those who return find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate Such injustice against humanity. We, the …

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Greece: after austerity in an election year

Greece (MNN) – Greece is in an election year. This year, billions could be riding on the result. The International Monetary Fund is keeping a close eye on the races because politicians are in a season of promises. The sitting Prime Minister, in a bid to keep his seat, sounds …

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2018: an “unprecedented” year of persecution in Iran

Iran (MNN) — Amid news of Iran’s deepening economic woes, a new report describes the regime’s continued crackdown on Christians. Violations of the Rights of Christians in Iran 2018 was compiled by Article 18, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Middle East Concern, and Open Doors International. It begins by listing rights and …

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